Have got

The 4th grade pupils have been practising the verb “to have got” with these interviews. They have done an excellent job.  Group 1: Interview to Luis Fonsi Group 2: Interview to Patti Dragona Group 3: Interview to Ariana Grande Group … Continua

Theatre Workshop

We have been practicing the common sentences and expressions when you go shopping. Here you have our pupils acting out.   PLAY THE VIDEO 1 PLAY THE VIDEO 2


ENGLISH ACTIVITIES FOR HOLIDAYS QUADERNS D’ESTIU PER IMPRIMIR SEGON: http://www.xtec.cat/centres/a8019915/quefem/primaria/DOSSIERS%20D’ESTIU/2N/Dossiers%20estiu%202n/angles.pdf TERCER: http://www.xtec.cat/centres/a8019915/quefem/primaria/DOSSIERS%20D’ESTIU/3R/Dossiers%20estiu%203r/dossier%20angles%203r.pdf QUART: http://www.xtec.cat/centres/a8019915/quefem/primaria/DOSSIERS%20D’ESTIU/4T/Dossiers%20estiu%204t/Llengua%20anglesa.pdf CINQUÈ: http://www.xtec.cat/centres/a8019915/quefem/primaria/DOSSIERS%20D’ESTIU/5e/Dossiers%20estiu%205e/Llengua%20Anglesa.pdf SISÈ: http://www.xtec.cat/centres/a8019915/quefem/primaria/DOSSIERS%20D’ESTIU/6e/Dossiers%20estiu%206/Llengua%20Anglesa.pdf QUADERNS D’ESTIU PER COMPRAR Oxford Holiday English GAMES (CI – 1er i 2on, CM – 3er i 4art, CS – 5è i … Continua


These are our projects about the animals and how we explained to the rest of the class.  Group 1: Alein, Julia and Blanca Group 2: Clàudia, Leyre and Pol Group 3: Arnau, Maryam and Sira


We have been learning the different clothes we use in each season. Here you have the posters the 3rd grade class have done and the oral presentations to the rest of the class. Great job! TEAM 1: Foix, Julen, Uriel … Continua


Our 4th grade students have been working with all the shops and different places we could find in a city. They have designed these beautiful posters: GROUP 1 (Eric, Sergi, Aarabia, Rayen) GROUP 2 (Iris, Ainhoa, Marina, Emma, Sinan) GROUP … Continua


  Lottie loves sports, but she needs to wear the right clothes and equipment. Choose what she needs to do each sport. PLAY

Present Simple Tense vs Present Continuous Tense

During the last week we’ve been reviewing in class the Simple Present and the Present Continuous. Here you have a couple of exercises, 2 games and one fantastic song to keep improving. Have fun!! Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Game 1 … Continua

Describing people

We are improving our vocabulary to help us to describe people. Here you have some more interesting words when talking about someone’s hair or hairstyle. To check your answers click here  

Welcome to our English blog

This is going to be another place to share our knowledge. Let’s learn English and have fun!  😆